3As for Digital Innovation

Appreciate the need for digital tools in the workplace, and learn how we can leverage on them for efficiency. The...

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iLEAD: Fundamentals of Leadership

Understand the key principles that underpin effective leadership, from communication to problem-solving and decision-making. Understand the key principles that underpin...

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Understanding Strengths (CliftonStrengths™)

Develop a deep understanding of your innate strengths with Clifton Strengths™ assessments and learn how to leverage your strengths for...

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Resilience and Growth Mindset by JV Wong (February 21, 2024)

Learn how to develop a growth mindset and build resilience to overcome setbacks, thrive under pressure, and achieve your goals....

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The ANZCHAM Learning Academy powered by People Ignite!

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, staying ahead is not just an advantage – it's a necessity. At the Australia...

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Happy 20th Anniversary, People Ignite!

We recently celebrated our 20th anniversary last February 13, 2023, and some of our partners were kind enough to celebrate...

The Ignition Learning Map

What is the IGNITION LEARNING MAP? The Ignition Learning Map is an essential framework that enables us to provide our...


It has been more than a year since we experienced quarantines, lockdowns, and COVID-19 struggles. In the midst of these,...


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