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The Ignition Learning Map


The Ignition Learning Map is an essential framework that enables us to provide our clients and partners with a comprehensive and powerful guide to co-design their learning journey with us. As a team, we believe in a holistic approach to development, and the Ignition Learning Map embodies this belief, providing a structured framework that helps our clients and partners navigate their learning interventions and programs.

The three interconnected domains of growth that form the backbone of the Ignition Learning Map are the Self, the Team, and the Organization. We understand that true development involves a balance of personal growth, team building, and organizational progress. By addressing these areas simultaneously, we help our clients and partners to achieve sustainable growth and success.

Our Igniters are skilled professionals who bring expertise in a wide range of learning interventions and programs. They are equipped to facilitate learning in various formats, from workshops and coaching sessions to e-learning and blended learning programs. With the Ignition Learning Map as a guide, they can develop customized learning solutions that meet the unique needs and goals of each client and partner.

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