The Ignition Map

Personal Mastery

Confidence comes from within once you discover your own unique talents, passions, gifts and interests. Personal Mastery is a workshop that helps you create more purpose and confidence in your life. Master your authentic self and discover your vision, purpose and values by discovering the key ingredients for enduring success. Learn how to use values to drive your decisions at work, home and recreationally as well as how to effectively communicate those values to those around you.  Work toward achieving your vision, purpose and values by building confidence in who you are through reflection and action planning.  Through activities and workshops that allow for insightful discussions and time for personal reflection, this program offers tools and insights to help individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves as individuals as well as how their lives connect to the outside world.


3 to 8 hours

Target Audience

Employees at all levels

No. of Participants

10-500 participants


Face to Face and Virtual Sessions


JV Wong
Nancy Mendiola