The Ignition Map

People Management

  • The Agile Leader (through the Situational Leadership Model)
    • Managing different kinds of people requires agility from the leader. This program aims to develop the skills and attitude towards being a leader of others, necessary to drive results

  • iLEAD (Fundamentals of Leading Others)
    • iLEAD as a program aims to strengthen the leadership capabilities of participants in preparation for next-in-line leadership roles. It focuses on helping leaders balance their role in motivating others as well as driving results.

  • CELEMI TANGO™ (Success through People)
    • Celemi Tango™ focuses on managing the business operations, know-how, and brand. Participants are thrown into a situation where decisions on how to attract, develop, and grow talented employees as well as meet demanding clients’ needs have to be made at a neck-breaking speed. At the same time, teams need to ensure cash-flow, brand equity, shareholder value – and stakeholder satisfaction. It builds on skills among supervisors and HR teams on strategic recruitment, development, and retention of key personnel.

Other Programs: Lead to Succeed, The Next Normal Leader, Turning Conflict into Collaboration, Strategic Leader through POLC, How to Delegate Effectively,


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