Speaker Profile

Tina Sioson

Tina’s purpose-driven decision is anchored on her belief: “I empower leaders and people who have chosen to help themselves so they can be active contributors in the growth and transformation of individuals, teams, organizations, and nation”.

Post-December 2018 corporate life, and now as a practicing Human Capital Consultant, Tina Sioson’s laser focus is on Leadership Coaching and Successor Development, Organizational Health Management towards Change, and Transformation of business and people.

Tina was a former Vice President for Human Resources from the country’s leading telecommunications company. This role choice shaped a significant part of her accountability in business performance amidst HR origin. Prior to this role, she was Head of Leadership and Talent Management charged with Succession Management, Key Talent Development and Annual Leaders’ Conference . In her early career, Tina was Head of Strategic Consulting Services focusing on Making Major Sales, Customer Centered Selling and Outdoor Based Leadership and Team Development.

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Leadership Coach
  • Human Capital Consultant Change & Transformation Lead


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