The Ignition Map

Sales and Customer Service

“Happy customers are your biggest advocates and can become your most successful sales team.” – Lisa Masiello

  • Fundamentals of Account Management (The Art and Science of Account Management)
    • Managing accounts requires a different mindset and skillset from outright product selling. This course aims to help participants to understand and appreciate the sales paradigm shift from “hunting and hounding” to “farming and feeding”.

  • From Customer Service to Customer Experience
    • Delivering a memorable experience focuses more on what the customer thinks and feels, rather than what you can offer as a service. This program highlights the customer journey and how we can transform our people and our business to be customer-centric.

  • CELEMI ENTERPRISE™ (Stay Ahead in a Changing World)
    • n Celemi Enterprise™, teams act as companies competing for the same customers in a fierce marketplace. Each participant assumes a management role in Marketing and Sales, Development and Services, Planning and Delivery, Finance and Control. Earn short-term profit while creating long-term value. Over 8 years, teams annually win or lose customers based on the company’s offerings, performance and brand positioning. Propel your company to the top with Celemi Enterprise—a fierce competition that ignites ambition and builds strategy.

Other programs: Plus Point Solution Selling, Win-Win Negotiations, eCustomer Experience, The Gears of Selling


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