The Ignition Map

Personal Leadership

“First be a leader of yourself. Only then can you grow to lead others.” – David Taylor-Klaus

  • Lead to Succeed (Empowering employees and developing next-in- line leaders)
    • One does not have to be in a formal position to be able to lead others. Lead to Succeed focuses on discovering one’s leadership capabilities, and developing one’s ability to positively influence others.

  • 5 Modalities of Leadership
    • Leadership as a skill is multifaceted and has many dimensions. This program helps participants discover their talents and skills as leaders which will allow them to lead successfully and focus on the growth and development of people.

  • Celemi Agile Move™
    • An interactive business simulation, Celemi Agile Move™ uses Agile Leadership concepts which enables participants to develop an agile mindset and become equipped in handling different challenges within the organization.

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