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Nancy Mendiola

Nancy has always been an educator.  She’s been giving music and voice lessons, even before she earned her Education degree from the University of Santo Tomas.  Not long after that, she entered the corporate world and she was able to explore multiple roles in multiple industries such as the Banking and Finance, Telecommunication, Construction and Realty, Insurance and Services, Information Technology as well as Shipping and Transportation. 

She has received multiple awards in the area of facilitation and training, namely: Citibank Philippines’ Best Facilitator and Presenter from 1993 to 1995, and Citibank Regional Performance Award from 1994 to 1996. She was awarded “Voice of a Leader” by the AMA or American Management Association for year 2004, and Microsoft’s Most Knowledgeable Soft Skills Trainer for Fiscal Year 2007.

She has trained in South East Asia for learning and development sessions on collaboration and communication, presentation skills, problem solving and decision-making, and priority management.

Nancy attended the ICF-ACTP or International Coaching Federation Accelerated Coach Training Program. She has been coaching for more than 5 years specializing in performance coaching and career & growth coaching. To name a few, she has helped Globe Telecom, P&G and East West Bank through coaching.

Nancy lives by with this life principle: “There are only two things to fear in Life.  One is your God for he can take your life at any point in time, and the other is yourself for you’re the only one who can put yourself down.”

Subject Matter Expertise

  • Organizational development advisor
  • Customer Experience facilitator
  • Creativity and innovation speaker


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