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“Communication is your ticket to success, if you pay attention and learn to do it effectively.” – Ken Liu

  • Back to Basics (English Grammar Refresh, Business Writing, Verbal Communication)
    • Communication is a fundamental skill as an employee. The Back to Basics program focuses on developing the foundations of Business Communication: English Fluency, Written and Oral Communication. These three areas are honed through a series of workshops, exercises and games, which allows the participants to refresh their knowledge and practice their skills to achieve effectiveness in the way that they communicate with others.

  • Assertive Communication (Enhancing Work Relationships Through Assertive Communication)
    • Those who communicate with assertiveness rather than passivity or aggression are more likely to maintain positive workplace relationships while meeting their goals. This program aims to help participants interact more effectively, both with internal colleagues and external clients. If you would like to stand up and make your voice heard in any situation, this program will help you understand your own communication style and how that might impact on others.

  • Clear as ICE Presentation Skills Workshop (Delivering Powerful and Effective Presentations)
    • The top fear of people all around the world is presenting in front of a crowd. Learning how to manage and overcome this fear is a must since delivering presentations is a valuable skill in the workplace. Clear as ICE can help participants maximize their innate talents in presenting, and be more confident in delivering powerful presentations with Interactive Introductions, Creative Content, and Engaging Exits.

  • Executive Presence
    • Through a series of 8 presentations, this workshop teaches the platform skills needed to exude confidence in face to face and virtual business presentations. It also teaches 3 presentation formats: to convince, to influence, to inform.

  • Think on Your Feet® (Communicating with Clarity, Brevity and Impact®)
    • Think on Your Feet® is a globally acclaimed workshop that trains participants how to express themselves clearly, concisely and memorably. It is a program that introduces the “capsules-of-persuasion” concept – 10 techniques that structure your ideas quickly – for impact. It allows you to answer tough questions effectively, on the spot, explain complex data clearly, become more persuasive, and lastly, get to the point and make an impression.

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