The Ignition Map

Accountability and Empowerment

“Personal accountability requires mindfulness, acceptance, honesty and courage.” — Shelby Martin

  • 3As of Accountability (Results thru Individual and Organizational Accountability)
    • Accountability is a necessary trait in order for employees to be effective and productive at work. This program aims to bring-out the values of ownership and accountability necessary for driving results within the organization.

  • Shifting Gears (Mindset Change amidst Challenges)
    • The pandemic has disrupted many things in our lives — the way we interact, how we communicate, how we work. This course is focused on helping participants shift their mindset and heartset about the different changes in our environment, through reflective and engaging workshops which can help how one can mentally and emotionally cope effectively

  • The Empowered Leader
    • An empowered workforce starts with an empowered leader. This session will help participants to develop the right knowledge, skills and attitude which would allow them to nurture and role model empowerment within the organization.

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