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People Ignite was born out of JV Wong’s desire to share her experiences and learn from others.  Through her corporate journey with Microsoft Philippines, JV strengthened her backbone in organization development, and cultivated her passion in training, planning and teambuilding, which motivated her to create People Ignite back in 2003.

Since then, People Ignite has been igniting hundreds of organizations and employees, so they too, can ignite others. For more than 15 years, our IGNITERS strongly believe that every facilitation floor and teambuilding ground is a MISSION PLACE – an opportunity for us to use our God-given talents towards helping people discover their strengths, potential and purpose.

Ultimately, what drives us forward is our strong alignment among our clients as we jointly help their people grow.  Through God’s providential guidance, we will consistently and passionately serve – one attendee and one mission place at a time.


We exist to positively ignite others.

Driven by one compelling mission, our IGNITERS strongly believe that every facilitation is an opportunity for growth. It is a MISSION PLACE for us — whether it is a training, planning, or team building.

People Ignite Foundation

People Ignite’s success is strongly anchored on the belief of abundance and sharing it with others.  And for the team, the best way to express that is through the advocacy of helping through motivation and learning.  This ultimately inspired the birth of the People Ignite Foundation.

The foundation’s purpose is to ignite the potential of disadvantaged young adults through holistic education.


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