Dittas Formoso


With 30 years of executive leadership experience under her belt, and the wealth of experience from a wide range of organizations and responsibilities, Dittas can add most value in enabling quick start ups from infrastructure to go to market. She can also help solve business problems that may beset organizations facing operational, sales and marketing challenges.

Dittas is also passionate in helping organizations who are expanding in terms of market reach, as well as guiding executive leadership to quickly meet the demands of growth, without putting a rein on market expansion.

Her expertise includes Sales and Marketing, Business Development, Operations Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource and Partner Management, Project Management, and Change Management.

Being a certified change management professional, she can assist executive leadership to lead an organization undergoing major changes in culture, technology, and process. These changes could be internally driven, or which could be the result of mergers and acquisitions. Leading the people within from a state of denial, or resistance to a state of commitment.